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We are looking for a passionate Deep Learning Engineer to join our team at bbsAI. If you are enthusiastic about leveraging AI to drive business process automation and innovation, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Click here to apply and be part of our dynamic team.


San Francisco



What You’ll Do

    As a part of our team, you will have the exciting opportunity to work on cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to the needs of BFSI companies. You will be involved in developing and implementing deep learning models to automate and optimize various business processes. Join us in shaping the future of AI-driven business automation.
    Join our team and unleash your potential in creating and deploying NLP-based solutions that revolutionize the way businesses operate. At bbsAI, you will be at the forefront of driving digital transformation through the power of AI and NLP tailored to Indian languages.

Who You are

    If you are a dedicated professional with a strong background in deep learning, natural language processing, and a passion for driving real-world impact through AI, we want to hear from you. Join us in our mission to revolutionize business processes and digitalize Indian languages through cutting-edge AI solutions.
    We are seeking individuals who are eager to contribute to the development and implementation of AI-powered solutions for Indian language computing. If you are motivated to drive innovation and make a difference in the Indian language computing landscape, apply now and be part of our pioneering team.
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