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bbsAI proudly presents bbsहिन्दीoffice - India’s first completely functional Office Productivity Suite in our official language, Hindi. bbsहिन्दीoffice has been built on LibreOffice. bbsहिन्दीoffice comprises of Writer [Word Processor], Calc [Spreadsheet] and Impress [Presentation]. These are Open Source alternatives to proprietary Microsoft Office. The best news is that bbsहिन्दीoffice is completely free of charge.

The unique feature of bbsहिन्दीoffice is that all the Menu terms have been meticulously translated into Hindi, not transliterated. Even in the spreadsheet application Calc, all the formulas have been translated into Hindi. It is a matter of great civilizational pride that most of the 480 + formulas in Calc across the domains of Finance, Logic, Mathematics, Statistics and Information have their equivalent authentic Hindi terminology and bbsहिन्दीoffice has deployed these terms. For instance, to add some numbers in a range, you can write =योग(RANGE) and for Average instead of =AVG(RANGE), you can call =औसत(RANGE).

We welcome every Indian to use bbsहिन्दीoffice and take pride in being able to compute in the most popular Indian language.  bbsहिन्दीoffice has been conceived and built with national pride for our brother and sister citizens who would love to explore the vast possibilities of Office Applications through Hindi and enhance their productivity. This product is dedicated to the 520 million Hindi speaking people who have been wanting their very own Office Productivity Suite in their own language. The current version is beta 2.

bbsAI commits to maintain and make available new versions of bbsहिन्दीoffice with continuous state-of-the-art improvements. bbsहिन्दीoffice is bilingual – you can choose English or Hindi User Interface. You can easily shift from Hindi to English and vice versa. To download:

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